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Andy Rotz Entertainment Presents


Hang onto your hats as you are taken on a dangerously entertaining journey into the WILD WEST!


Watch in amazement as the World Fast Draw Champion dazzles you with lightning speed and amazing accuracy!


Prepare to have your heart stolen when you meet Cowboy Andy’s furry friend, Bandit the K9 flame jumper!


Watch at the edge of your seat as Guinness World Record holder Andy Rotz throws razor-sharp knives dangerously close to his fearless assistant as she whirls around on the flaming wheel of death! 


From world-class trick roping to gun slinging and everything in between, you do not want to miss a second of blazing glory that Cowboy Andy brings to the stage. With energy and fun to burn, this patriotic action packed Wild West Extravaganza is a smash hit with audiences everywhere! 


This gang won’t rob you, but they’ll steal the show guaranteed!

Come on out and see ‘em. They’d love to meet you! 


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